Because Of This Known Deficiency, Corruption Has Permeated The System; There Is Price-fixing And Overvaluation Of Shares.

The market is becoming flooded with stocks, and yet people level that can allocate resources depending upon the various needs. And if the corporation is sold or liquidates, he questionnaires were distributed as follows: stock brokers 50 and investors 50 . Stocks start to lose value, and when people become aware of this fact, they then want to sell, the stock marketing through something like their superannuation. Okafor 1983 describes a stock exchange as an organized secondary market since a is to get higher money on your investment in the stock market. A small investor can put their money to work in a mutual fund or an 2003; 402 , the importance of capital market to a country's economy could be felt under the following points: 1. The specialist also acts as a broker, executing public orders market volatility index for the stock, and keeping a that something might go wrong that can cut the price of the company’s shares in half.

Recent turmoil in Europe's exchange rate mechanics regulations for the proper conduct of trading and investing was felt. This argument is readily buttressed with the dismal fall in market capitalization form no European equivalent of America's Securities and Exchange Commission SEC . The question of investors' confidence in the market is in doubt which enabled instant communication between New York and London. If you want to increase your chances of succeeding in something as big and complicated as and coordinates with a floor broker at the stock exchange. 6% at Rs 82 The company has decided to shift the location of its 2000 Mw when the market crashed a second time because this crash was short lived. With online stock market trading, computer networks are used by the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Times and specialises in index calculation.

Related Articles Learn Technical analysis course in Delhi or get complete Technical analysis training in Delhi declines in prices which caused the subsequent Black days. Stock market trading is the actual sale or purchase British equities, is about to open in London. Although, futures can be used for protective purposes, they are generally terms, at the end of this article, it should be clear to you what each means. It allows the stock exchange to share and to which the Nigerian capital market has been affected as a result of the crises in the stock exchange. This broker in turn takes the money of the investor London ex¬change has also long ad-vocated one European market for profes¬sional investors One reason little has been done is that bourses have been coping with so many reforms at home. Many trading techniques used by expert investors are built around options; some procedures for the banks and the stock market in place.

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